you’re excused, madame

Ruby just called me madame fussy britches.


game over!

“game over. now put those balls away before she comes back and starts playing with them!”


drunken nights at the L bar are few and far between. but this particular night just happened to make it in the book. Ash is my sister and its her first time on the blog but NOT her last. she might even get a one liner page in the near future. this is her most recent entry to the book. it was said nearing the end of the night, after we were done playing pool for like 3 hours…damn creepers… 


Mobile mep, in its short life, was very helpful. As a text document in my phone, it has encountered many a quote from my friends and family. M&M died a mysterious death in my phone and had about 3-5 quotes in its possession on that tragic day. I am fortunate to have loved and lost such a helpful companion. However, with every ending there is a new beginning. I have redownloaded another app to fill its place.

Mobile mep Jr has made itself home in my phone and is prepared to fill his father’s shoes.